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The Beyond 700 leadership is vibrant and nimble. They are driven to take ideas from research laboratories to commercialisation. Besides having expertise in research and development, design, manufacturing, quality management and clinical trials, they have passion and determination to drive the company forward so that the world of eye care will change. They are prepared to learn and adopt ideas from experts to achieve the Beyond 700 mission. This is evidenced from how they have worked together to bring a laboratory idea of visualising the tear film in real time to a saleable device in their first product TearView.

We make the tear film visible and so that the enigma of dry eye diagnostics and contact lens compatibility with the tear film disappears.

The deepest red colour that we can see is about 700nm. Beyond this is infrared; an invisible part of the spectrum. Our technology enables us to see the invisible, and out of the darkness a different world is revealed.

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Determined and driven by passion the concept of seeing the tear film in real time is now a reality.

Dry Eye Evaluation

It affects about 15% of the adult population and is increasing in children due to use of electronic devices

Contact Lens Evaluation

Drop out of contact lens wear due to discomfort is a major reason for loss of contact lens customers.


Beyond 700 was founded in 2017 as a start-up Australian company in Sydney taking up some desk space in the office of our partners, Infratherm.

  • 2014


    After many years of research on the tear film and dry eye, two research scientists at Western Sydney University, Thomas Millar and Burkhardt Schuett, discovered that they could see the tear film in real time using infrared technology.

  • 2015


    Further research and development confirmed their findings and following discussions with the Research Development and Innovation section of the university, the intellectual property rights were transferred to Thomas and Burkhardt and they were encouraged to exploit the technology

  • 2016


    Thomas and Burkhardt determined to make the idea a reality, were selected to join a Medical Devices Commercialisation Training Program run by Cicada, a world leading start-up incubator. They worked hard, won a prize and decided to form a company. They needed help and sought out local experts in infrared technology, John Robinson and Michael Dharma-Ratne.

  • 2017

    Company Started

    Beyond 700 Pty Ltd was founded and we began designing and manufacturing and testing our first saleable device TearView for detecting the tear film

  • 2018


    We have developed the software, manufactured and tested our first saleable device including software for observing the ocular surface in real time. We were selected by Cicada to join their Medlab program so that we obtain mentoring to rapidly commercialise our product. The journey continues.

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Our Team

Professor Thomas Millar

Original Co-Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Clinical Officer

Originally an academic at Western Sydney University investigating the tear film and dry eye. Since discovering that the tear film could be seen in real time he has been making the idea a reality by leading a determined, resourceful and resilient team to make it a reality. While he has high level organisational skills suitable for the CEO role at the current stage of development of Beyond 700, we have begun seeking a replacement CEO who will be needed in the near future as the company grows.

Dr Burkhardt S. Schuett

Original Co-Founder, Chief Operations Manager, and in charge of Regulatory Affairs and IP

Burkhardt was part of the team that discovered TearView. He was originally an academic at the Children’s University Hospital in Tübingen/Germany and head of a routine diagnostic laboratory for which he developed systems and processes for ISO 15189:2003 accreditation. For this, he established a robust QM system. He has also run the analytic part of clinical trials and has CRA and clinical trial management certificates. He also has considerable experience with IP having several international patents.

John A Robinson

Director and Chief Technical and Design Officer

John founded and is the Managing Director of the Australian based company Infratherm Pty Ltd. Infratherm manufactures bespoke surveillance equipment for government agencies and the armed forces and will be manufacturing TearView for Beyond 700. With a background of 30 years of experience in thermal imaging, process control, and working for international companies, John has his finger on the pulse of new technological developments and a vast number of contacts in the infrared space.

Mike Ratne

Chief Marketing Officer, Production & Logistics

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